This is William's Forest 5!!!!! Since 2012, every year one episode all about William Mak is here to say hello again on the 39th day of 2016. Today is the first day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar 2016 a.k.a Monkey Year... HoYeah! Make a New Year Resolution and review it again on 31 Dec 2016. Don't grumble life is too short to be blame. In stead of grumble that life is difficult, life is too many adversities, life is too many unfavorables to us and bla bla bla............ Stop it and cut the crap!!!! Be real to yourself! No one knows better than you yourself. In 2015, indeed was my up and down and up again, i call it 4235....... how to define it? From 4 dropped to 2 and offensive bounce back 3 and then 5!!!!!!!!! Hello my friends, life is too short to live.. so while we keep dreaming, keep grumbling.... why not stand up and stands for your own point of views.


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