Hi, this is William Forest 2. Pertaining to this blog post, have a glance through William Forest @ http://william3638.pixnet.net/blog/post/34649764 I posted a year ago. Well, William Forest 2 definitely is the part two of William Forest whereas I am going to described myself more. I am 25 years and 8 months old. Perhaps for somebody at this age will become dad or mom to somebody. Some might have more than a kid now.

          A 25 years old adult should have a mature thinking and an established career. Moreover, he or she may has a life partner together with. Look at myself, I have been into relationship and back to single life, a not stable mind thinking or I should said I am always after taking the action without consider the consequences.

          For a person to grow, he must pass through toughness and the hardship before harvest. I don't mind taking the tough part in life and I just don't want to make mistakes anymore. For people who has no dreams, we shouldn't be human, we should be animals. "Dreams is not when you are sleeping but is when you are awake to chase it."

          I am grateful I am born here in Malaysia. I am proud to be a Malaysian. In conjunction with the 56th Malaysia Independence Day this 31 August 2013, I would like to thank the country. We should respect other races in Malaysia. Do not Racist Insultion and respect their believes.

          Malaysia is free of Natural Disasters so we should be grateful to what we have now instead of grumble. I believe if we are hardworking enough, we can achieve our quality lifestyles as well.  Well, I have a dream but shy to share here as it is very big but I will tell when the time permits.

          Here I will share a link of my latest Patriotic Song to my country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyaz738wTuE&feature=youtu.be 

           Well, William Mak will continue to looking forward in life and never let people to look down anymore. Once again, thanks my fans and blogger to view my blog and videos on youtube. Trillion Thanks to you all. 

          嗨,这是伟霖的森林2。看这篇部落格前,请你们先阅读我一年前的伟霖的森林吧!http://william3638.pixnet.net/blog/post/34649764。由于,这是Part 2,当然在描述我的人生咯!我现在25岁8个月。对一个25岁的人来说可能是一个小孩的父母亲或者已有几个孩子了。25岁的人应该有思想,有梦想。此外,他还可能已有人生的伴侣了。反观伟霖,回复单身生活,有时做事冲动没有顾虑到后果。


          我很庆幸我是马来西亚人。配合马来西亚独立56 周年,我想再次感谢我的马来西亚。不要种族歧视,请尊敬他们的信仰。


          我在此分享我最新的一首爱国的歌曲: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyaz738wTuE&feature=youtu.be 。





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