In 2014 will be a tough year for Aussie Dollar. But , US Dollar seems not to good too. So there might be cheer for the cable in 2014. 

           在2014 年, 澳元将持续贬值,美元也不会好到那里去.英镑可以持续政正值.

GBP/AUD - 英镑/澳元

GA H4 Chart  

GBP/USD - 英镑/美元GU Monthly ChartGU Weekly Chart  

                   GU can create new high with the new resistance level of 1.70000 and once broken it can go to the next level of 1.74900~1.75000. In contrast, GA can go back to 1.80000 and once broken in back way to 1.75000 and there's AUD/USD to be back at 1.00000 level.



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