This is William's Forest 5!!!!! Since 2012, every year one episode all about William Mak is here to say hello again on the 39th day of 2016. Today is the first day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar 2016 a.k.a Monkey Year... HoYeah! Make a New Year Resolution and review it again on 31 Dec 2016. Don't grumble life is too short to be blame. In stead of grumble that life is difficult, life is too many adversities, life is too many unfavorables to us and bla bla bla............ Stop it and cut the crap!!!! Be real to yourself! No one knows better than you yourself. In 2015, indeed was my up and down and up again, i call it 4235....... how to define it? From 4 dropped to 2 and offensive bounce back 3 and then 5!!!!!!!!! Hello my friends, life is too short to live.. so while we keep dreaming, keep grumbling.... why not stand up and stands for your own point of views.


                       Remember everyday someone has given us $86,400. This $86,400 has terms and conditions. It only last within the day. i.e. let's say today is 8 Feb 2016, this $86,400 only last from 00:00 to 23:59 of 8 Feb 2016, guess what? This $86,400 is TIME. Everyday, we can have these 86,400 seconds to be utilized and how we use this if definitely up to us. Well guys, I have been sometime didn't drop by here due to extremely busy. Come, it's 5th episode of William's Forest to kick off this 2016 and first post of the year. From my first episode if you guys remember I did mention the best selling point of Blogs or Books are their title and not only the contents.  ( On the second episode of William's Forest where I further touched about the toughness to go through to achieve something you desire.( On the third episode of the series is more about appreciations and persons who I wanna to thank. ( On the 4th Episode, I did mention more details why I name this as William's Forest! ( Now it's the 5th Episode to welcome 2016..........!!!!!!!!

                      Now, William's Forest 5 I will touch about Murphy's Law. "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" - Edward A. Murphy. 

He is right, anything that the possibilities exceed 0 could happened which then collaborate with my WILL's Law, Follow the Will's way as if WILL leads you to the way you will find yourself go along with Unvierse - William Mak. What this means simply can be defined as follow:-

Everyone of us there's lays a WILL in our deeper heart and we must follow the intuitions and the real WILL of us and it will lead you all the way along and even there's possibility of 0.01 and it could be happened and miracle WILL occurred. Trust me, don't ever against the Universe and you will be punished by the Universe someday.

                      Murphy's Law did emphasis on worst-case scenario where if there's 0.01 percentage, things will happened. Pardon me if I dare to say one day there will be snow fallings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It COULD happened after the Ranau's Earthquake happened in 2015. WILL's Law futher elaborate it by telling do we willing to see winter or snow fallings in Kuala Lumpur? Yes or No. If the WILL are magnificient, we will see it this December... P: have a snow Christmas at KLCC? hahahah.... In my dream.... Come let's see will it happened or one day it WILL happened.

                     Yes, Now's Chinese New Year. Let me share something about it. Chinese New Year Eve, traditionally we will have reunion dinner with family members to bring the meaning of reunited before the New Year arrived. After dinner, we will hide the booms as not going to sweep floor until the second day of Chinese New Year where Chinese believes not to sweep the luck and good fortune outside. Then on the night, for the young will stay awake as late as possible as traditional believe it will bring longer life to the elders at home. Guys, the night is still young.... hahahahaha.......

                             Before I end this episode, I pray World Harmony and Malaysia has a wonderful year after a economy slowdown in 2015. Once again Happy Lunar New Year 2016 a.k.a. Monkey HoYeaH Year!!!!~~~~ Cheers and see ya @ William's Forest 6 later......

                             这是伟霖的森林5!!!!!自2012年以来,每年都有一集关于我的故事会在这里向大家见面。2016年已经过了39天了,今天也是中国农历新年----猴年来咯... HoYeah的第一天!答应自己做一个新年愿望,并在12月31日时候检讨一下愿望达成吗?不要抱怨人生苦短要怪。在叽代替,生活困难,生活实在是太多了逆境,生活实在是太多了对我们的不公平,唧唧歪歪............停止它,胡诌!!!!做回一个真正的自己!没有人比你更了解你自己好吗。 2015年,我的确上下好几遍,我把它称为4235.......如何界定呢?从4下降到2然后攻击反弹3,然后5!!!!!!!!!你好我的朋友,人生苦短..所以当我们继续梦想,不断抱怨....为什么不站出来表示对自己的一点看法。 

                      每天都有人给我们汇入$ 86,400,这单位为有一个不变的条款和条件。它仅在一天之内持续。即假设今天是2016年2月8日,这86,400有效期限从00:00至2016年2月8日23:59,你猜这$ 86400是什么?这单位为其实是时间。每天,我们必须要使用这些86400秒以及我们如何使用这一点,如果肯定了我们。大家好,我已经一段时间没有在此处写文章了,因为我真的忙得不亦乐乎。来吧,这是伟霖的森林5也为2016揭开了序幕以及今年的第一篇文章。从我的第一集的我就有提到博客或书籍的最好的卖点是其标题而不仅是写内容。 (。在伟霖的森林的第二集,我更进一步的谈到我们要经过辛苦才能实现我们要的东西。(。在这系列的第三集更多的是赞赏和谁我想感谢的人。 (。第4集,我有提及更多的细节为何我称这个为伟霖的森林! (。现在是第5集,欢迎2016年.......... !!!!!!!!。 

                    现在,伟霖的森林5我会谈到莫非定律。 “凡是有可能会出错,就一定会出问题” - 爱德华·A·莫菲。
他是对的,任何可能性超过0可能会发生的都会发生,然后用我再用我的意志的法律合作,按照遗嘱的方式,如果WILL引导你到你会发现自己随着宇宙的路要走 - 麦伟霖。这意味着只是可以被定义为如下: -

                           莫菲定律做了强调最坏的情况下,其中是否有0.01个百分点,事情就发生了。请原谅我,如果我敢说有一天在马来西亚的吉隆坡会下雪。在WILL定律后,它可能发生。去年2015年拉瑙地震发生后,我更不敢不相信这定律。告诉我们是否愿意看到在吉隆坡在冬季降雪吗?是或否。如果WILL是宏伟的,我们将能在今年的12月看到这... ... P:有一个冰雪圣诞的KLCC?哈哈哈....在我的梦里....来吧,让我们看看会否成真,或有一天它真的会发生呢。

                    是的,现在农历新年。让我分享一些事情。中国农历新年前夕,传统上我们会与家人吃团圆饭带来的新年到来之前团聚的含义。晚饭后,我们将隐藏扫把和不会去打扫,直到中国农历新年的第二天,我们相信会把运气和好运气扫出去。然后在晚上,年轻的会保持清醒尽可能熬夜,传统相信它会带给在家里的长老者更长的寿命。大伙们,晚上还年轻,我们一起熬夜吧.... 哈哈哈哈哈....


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