Hi, i am here again. Decision is hard to make sometimes. For instance, do you want to eat western food or chinese food? Sometimes our intuition is Western Food but we might end up hanging at Chinese Stall due to time constraints or convinience. Well, sometimes we might follow our six sense instead of logical thinking. This like when we choose to start a relationship with someone, we might think the pro and con of starting as well as the good and bad side of the loved one.


                     Next, for a newly loved couple, things can be perfect without scars and they might have their loving and sweet moments together. If they are choosing the right one, they are happy and will think it for Living Happily After together. Decision is the hardest way to make then act on it. This is because in fact the hardest thing of all is making the decision rather than acting on it. Like if we decide to do something, the hardest part is to plan and make decision to it. It seem easier for us to act in fact. We might end up just thinking and thinking but can't decide it well. But once decided, we will keep our promise and act it well.


                      If i decide to do something, i can tell you it's very horrible as i will try my full strength to complete it as i will tell myself the target is not yet achieved and there are little bit more before i can taste the sweet part. The best harvest came from the hardship of work. I have gone through some innocent and tough path before so guess what i do now? I start guiding and teaching my students don't follow my old path on wrong study method.

                       Guess what happened? They followed and they are heading to success. They are from failure to success and their parents are so grateful and thankful to me. I can tell you this can be exchanged with monetary method but one word that is satisfaction. Know why i like teaching? I learned it from Robert Kiyosaki - Give so shall you receive. Try to contribute to the society and you will live more happily.

                        If you started a relationship just to satisfy your needs, you are wrong. If you really love the girl, you will love her everything include her bad side and ugly part. You will respect her but not scared at her. Learn to be a responsible guy and do not be 2 times jerk and playing with loving game with an playing heart. Well, the world is changing and i always saw the news of newly couple end up too close too slowly and then break up. Who is the losers? Actually the girl lose alot but the guy is a loser also. The girl might lost her valueable things in life but the guy will also had the sin for hurting the girl who will be punished by GOD one day in the Hell.

                        So youngsters, what have you promised yourself but not yet credited it to the real life actions? It seem it had almost pass half of 2012, but if we are optimistics, we will tell ourself we still have the half of 2012 and if we set up a target now. We might see the result at the end of the year. For me, my main concern is saving money and to do something i want in 2013. Things like travel, invest, property investment is my new target in 2013 so i will work really hard to achieve a certain amount of money by 31/12/12 and i will have my William's Month happily (December) i.e. Birthday month and Christmas month where i name it as William's Month.

                        Make a decision today and work within a plan to realise the decision and dream. Cheers and happy blogging!






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