I have attended a seminar which is talking about a successful and best selling authors are writting books with most of the time they are writting the title of their books more which means they spent 60% of their time writting the title rather than the book. This can be explained with that they are actually doing their best in the title to attract buyers to buy their books to read it and hence they are best selling author.

                   Well, tonight i would like to write William's Forest simply because i want to make this post as my main post as my blog's name is William Forest and so do i write it now. Recently i felt so grateful to what i have now. Even now i am still far behind from success, but i will not rush cause i know if i do things consistently, i will succeed. Actually, we must always be satisfied and grateful to our current havings as if we are always grumbling we might lost the happy moment we might have.

                    I am seldom so serious in doing something until i have met an incident. Recently, a friend of mine was warded and did operation yesterday. Today i went to visited her in hospital after work. She looks good but i can feel how painful she was feeling when i stepped into the warded room. Actually, she looks energetic and feel good but just pain feeling on her face. Me, my friend and her were chatting for about 1.5 hours there and concerning about her health now. Do u know one thing? I learnt something in this incident.

                    I have learnt that there is always most close relationship to us is our parents. She was in hospital for these days, her mom accompanied her all the while. See the great effort our parents did to us when we are ill>? So friends, don't you think that you are a bastard to ignore or purposely did not listen to your parents advises and words? Our parents were taking care of us since young and we might leave them alone when they are old. Aren't we are so cruel to them. Tell you, you must take good care of them and always chat with them as they like the moments with you more than the money you give them.

                      Here, I hope my friend in hospital to feel better tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Recover soon and I am awaits you to back office and become my badminton partner again indeed. Here mind me to reveal her name. She is Apple Gan Lye Peng. Well, it's time for me to tell you all what i am looking forward in future. Sometimes, we might ending up something too fast too quicky.

                      In fact, I'm working too hard to achieve my target. I told a female friend that i become more mature in thinking. Guess what she said? She said i have grown up and too many commitments i am having now. So my target have slightly amendments but overall it's still under observation by myself and i vowed i want to change 360 degree in working in office and be a real man in life.

                       Also, if there is a will, there is a way. This is because when we are always finding excuses on the possible mission, we are left far behind really. Actually sometimes I'm thinking why i need to be so tired? Then i will tell myself, think different, act different, and you will be different! The world is cruel and reality until we might not able to accept the facts.


                       大家好,这是伟霖的森林,所以特别有英汉双语版本。伟霖的森林是我的博客的主题。畅销书通常都是写主题为主,这是作者要客户来买他们的书。突然很想说我们应该感恩,因为我们所得到是神赐给我们的。与其抱怨,不如积极去知足。我很少有那么积极做一件事 ,只到发生了这件事。最近我有一位朋友入院并开刀。今天放工后,我跟一位同事特地去探望她。她看起来很好,只是觉得她看上去表情和她的伤口很痛。我们谈了一个小时半才走。我学会亲情的重要,三天来,她的妈妈就陪她在医院。如果我们不懂孝顺,我们不配做子女。他们爱和我们聊天多过我们给他们钱。在这我希望我的朋友早日康复。她是Apple Gan Lye Peng。我要360度改变以达到我的目标!!!

William & Apple  


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