Life is always full of joy if you are an optimistic people. Life is also always full of challenge and everyone of us are looking to achieve our target no matter in what so ever conditions. Students need to study well and get a flying colours results in examinations. Employees need to perform and work in the best interest for the company he/she is working at. Directors are to be acting on the best interest for the company. So everyone of us are doing for own life.

                   Life is sometimes difficult and tough. Some families couldn't have enough financial support to pay for their children to further studies when they graduated from school. So they ended up with PTPTN Loans or they might went into working life. So we must plan our life well now and do not risk our children future. Things we can do such as we must always improve our knowledges via self-improvement books and seminars.

                    Well, as early as secondary school life, I have read all Rich Dad Series of books and managed to practice the concept of money working for us. Last time i used all my savings in school to buy Euro currency in year 2002 and sold it all in 2006. I have made a profit of RM800 after selling all the 500 Euros. Even it's not much but it is a real practice of Money working for us.

                      Life is determined by ourself also. If we always grumbling why we are not equally treated? Why don't we be more persistent and work hard to achieve our goals. I had post a blog with the title Decison which i talked about the decision made must not be perfect but it's must be adequate and it's useful at least for us to change our lifestyles.

                       We must always change our lifestyles and aim more a better one each time. The real facts behind is to have passive income such as Property Rental Income, share market and more. Things to do now is to have a target to save whatever we left every month before to do any big projects.

                        So bloggers, happy blogging and cheers for a better life ahead.




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