The Golden Path or Chinese called 黄金路 with the pin yin Huang Jin Lu is a famous Singapore Drama which have 30 episodes. Actors and Actress include Li Nan Xing, Tay Peng Hui, Joanne Peh, Felicia Chin, Chen Li Ping & Chow Chu Ming. So I would like to share this drama here for today post as promised every day at least a post here. 

I remembered the 1st time I watched this drama was at Astro Shuang Xing September 2008 after I quit Gomez & Co. It was shown every Monday to Friday 4.30pm at channel 324 last year.
The story begins with Jin Long and Jin Feng are siblings and Ah Jing (Li Nan Xing) is their daddy.
He is a robber who robbed jeweler shop for Gold. On the other hand Xiao Gu (Chen Li Ping) is a mother of Kaida, Kai Qi and Kai Jie. Xiao Gu runs a hawker stall named Happiness Stall (xing fu fan dian).
On an occasional night, Ah Jing and Xiao Gu met each other where Ah Jing helped Xiao Gu to get away from danger. Soon, they knew each other well and one day Ah Jing proposed and Xiao Gu agreed to marry Ah Jing. On the wedding day, polices knew that Ah Jing was one of the robber and decided to arrest him. Ah Jing was surrounded by polices and in the end he killed himself after he told Xiao Gu where he kept all the gold and jewels.
Then they all grew up with Kaida (Chow Chew Meng) is a doctor. Kai Qi (Joanne Peh) is a University student who ambitiously wanted to become a reporter. Kai Jie (Tay Peng Hui) however became a police where he is a bad cop because he hate Jin Long (Li Nan Xing) and wanted to take revenge on him.
The story became very interesting when Jin Feng died after she felt from the Cruise and Jin Long became a gangster head. The drama is called The Golden Path is because it starts with the Gold and Xiao Gu took the gold and changed the lifestyle with her 5 children and it has cause and effect for everything we did in our life.
In the end, Kaida has mental problem and not able to be doctor anymore, Kai Qi married a dentist with a daughter. Kai Jie ended up married with Lin Fei (Felicia Chin) with a boy child but Kai Jie ended being killed by a snatch thief in a hotel. Jin Long however commit suicide after he knew his wife Bak Kut Girl (Chai Pei Xuan) killed by Kai Jie.
Actually after that drama shown in Astro Shaung Xing, It repeated in April 2009 at Astro AEC at Monday to Friday 7pm. Then it is shown in NTV 7 again somewhere at the end of August 2009. I have this watched this drama for at least 4 times and it taught me a lesson that we should not have ever to do wrong something in our life or else we will get punished or our beloved family members will get the effect or consequences from our cause or our action.
Today post isn’t it a nice post where I shared something interesting here right? 
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