It was 28 of July 2009 which is Candy’s 21st Birthday and 1 year anniversary of my trip to Simpang Renggam. As promised last 12 days post, i will post a new post in my blog today because there are 2 great things happened today.
             1st one is my Candy 21st birthday. I wished her Happy Birthday as early as 9 am in the morning but she didn’t reply my message but i think she might be very busy recently cause even sometimes i saw her on msn but we end up can’t chat with each other. I remembered her birthday because i knew her birthday and her when i was in Form 4 where she came from Raub but i was in KL. We knew each other through a friend. This is because she is my friend best female friend.
             We then had our sweet time during my 16th birthday where we chatted for few hours long. Then we started long distance relationship. But soon, we broke up due to misunderstandings between us. Moreover i felt to Teresa Ling when i was in form 5 though i knew Teresa Ling has boyfriend that time but i still like her so much.
             Few years later, we are still friends now with Candy and last year she celebrated my 21st birthday with me in Mid Valley even is a late celebration but i still very satisfied with the moment with her. So today i really do hope she enjoy her 21st birthday which is once in a lifetime. But at the moment, i can’t even chat with her probably so i would like to say everything here and hope that she can see what have i written here.
              Next as time passed by, I missed Simpang Renggam so much where i forgot how many times i have written in my blog about my days in Simpang Renggam. Last year today, I was at Simpang Renggam and wished Candy Happy Birthday via cell phone also but the different is that she repiled by saying thankyou to me last year. 
              Even there is only 5 days in Simpang Renggam last year but i felt i learnt alot of things and gain as much working experiences of Government Audit there with Shelley Kong and Jovie Low really.
              Meanwhile, the government officer are so nice and friendly. So it’s worth for me to write it again here and i would like to praise them once again.

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