620,我的第一颗智慧牙就永远在我的牙齿消失了!哈哈, 有点夸张吧?没有啦,只不过想说说看当天的活动。 早在6点我就起床,发送了2封电邮然后就准备去赴BNI约!说真的BNI真的让我大开眼界。BNI是为了让个人的业务提升以及增加我们的人脉。我也拿了15个名片也派了我的名片给人。记得轮到我简介的时候时,我是这样说的。I am William Mak from Consistent Net Sdn Bhd which is Celcom Direct Sales Forces. My potential referals will be existing Maxis or Digi Customers who are frustrated and fed up with their current service providers and wish to switch to Celcom can look for me as to sign up for corporate mobile line.

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