Happy Birthday William  

             Hi, I am celebrating 26th Birthday today with the weakest body condition ever in this 26 years. I remember there's a year 19 Dec I need to take medicine which is 1999 when I was primary six. This is as at this moment:-

Fever - Non

Temperature - 37.2 C

Diarrhea - 11 times (past 72 hours)

Cough - Super heavy (Like an old man)

Flu - A bit

Sore throat - Mild

             This year really a rememberance birthday for me since 1999 where I got to take medicine on my birthday. Worse thing is I gained 5KG within 360 days since last year birthday but lost it within 5 days and now maintained at the psycological 55KG support level. Next Critical Support level 50KG, first resistance level eye 60KG, breakthrough it will be 65KG and then 70KG.

             When I was a kid, each year 19 Dec, Daddy and mommy will bring me to Section 14 Jaya Supermarket for dinner and then will pick a present from ToysRus. Looking back at this, it's like a long dream but human need to wake up for current and future. December's always a good month for me but not 2013. Hope next year the Horse Year will not gives me more disease and I hope to stay healthy and wealthy. Hahaha.... Due to sickness, I call-off some birthday celebrations and feel moody.

             191213 recalled back 191212 where the World are worrying the end of the world. haha, I believe it too but yet we are still alive and live one year already and more years to come. Next year is Horse Year and I will gambateh and work even smarter and harder. Happy 26th Birthday to myself.





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