Last time 2006, 16 of June i had joined Gomez & Co as an auditor. Then i had been working for the company for 3 months long. Throughout this 3 months i was very happy and enjoy working for the company. Moreover, my ex colleagues are so friendly and so take care of me whenever i had problem in dealing with audit.
1 month later, i had to go Simpang Renggam(Johore) to perform Government Audit for 5 days. All 5 days long i have been working with my seniors very hardworking and i have learnt a lot from them in Simpang Renggam. That time every day i woke up at 6 somethings to have breakfast and get prepare to work at 8.30p.m. At that time i was really happy cause i can stay at Bungalow for 5 days 4 nights. Moreover working there is quite relax cause my seniors always gave me simple job to do or do less job everyday.
             At night i will have dinner with my seniors. Shelley always gave me a lot of rice seems like gf took care of bf like that scared that i was not full enough. But i would like to say that she has bf already that time. Actually i just describe how good she took care of me. Actually like sister took care of brother. Next we will always go shopping to buy something for our breakfast the next day.
             At that time, Singapore 8 tv was showing Beach Ball Babies drama at 9 pm. at that week it was the last 5 episodes of that drama. The drama at last i watched during November on Astro Shuang Xing. It was indeed a good drama. It was all happened last year June and things happened in the later of the year 2008
              In June 2009, at first i had faced the F8 paper exam on 3rd June 2009 for the second attempt. This time it was more tough than last december sittings where i felt not so comfortable to gain a pass though i had worked very hard and ambitously to get a pass but not this time round i guess. But anyway the results will be released on August so let’s see what’s going to happened.

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